Denmark, Copenhagen

Getting to Denmark is easy, specially if you live in Sweden. If you live further away I recommend taking a flight to Copenhagen airport called Kastrup.

There are good transportation alternatives to get to Copenhagen city from the airport. With train it only takes few minutes. Tickets can be bought in the ticket machines or in the ticket counter right after departure area. The trains are one floor down in the airport from the main level. You can also travel to Sweden if you take the opposite train, since there is a bridge between Denmark and Sweden. You will be in Sweden within 15-20 minutes. To know more about transportation visit the travel planner, its in English.

What to see or do in Copenhagen:

The Royal Castle – Maybe you get to see the royal family otherwise you can take a tour or see the changing of the guards. The royal castle is called Christianborg slott.

Nyhavn – Nice colourful houses with lots of restaurants and bars, right next to the channel and the sea. Perfect if you want to take a typical photo of Copenhagen. Picture of Nyhavn can be seen in the cover picture above.

The Opera House – Take a chance to see a opera while visiting Copenhagen. You can get there by boat, bus or taxi. For more info visit the Opera.

Zoo – They have lots to see in this zoo, and have a new Polar bear area which is worth the visit. I love to take pictures of animals and I get a great chance to do so here. The entrance fee is 150 DKK for adults and  90 DKK (3-11 years). Visit the Zoo. See below pictures to see animals that you can expect to see there.


Tivoli –  The amusement park right across the street from the central station. There are lots of things to do and see here for everyone. There are rides, restaurants and concerts etc. Visit the Tivoli homepage. It cost 95 DKK to enter and to get multi ride passes it cost 199 DKK.

Sandcastle festival – During summer there is usually a sandcastle festival with artists from around the world. There are amazing sand sculptures!

Many more things can be seen here.

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