Norway, Oslo

The best way to  get to Norway is either by flight, bus or boat. When I went to Norway I went with bus from South of Sweden all the way to Oslo. It took about 6,5 hours and it was during the night so I was sleeping most of the time. Then I reached Oslo at 7 am. A good time to start the day. There are 2 main buses to take to Oslo from Sweden, Denmark and even from Germany. You can choose between Swebus or nettbuss. So I went to Oslo with my friends and we walked from the station to a hotel called Thon Hotel Munch which is located on Munchs gate 5, its just 20 minutes walk from the central station. The reason why I choose that hotel was because it was reasonably cheap and it included breakfast which is REALLY expensive in Norway otherwise if you have to add it to your accommodation in other hotels. The hotel was also newly renovated or completely new so I knew it would be nice design in the room too.

We had one day in Norway so to make the most of it we first went to Hertz to pick up our rental car. We got a upgrade and got a Citroen Crossair. It is a nice car to drive and it has a glass roof which was really nice and gives lots of light inside the car.

Easy car to get around in Oslo with

Easy car to get around in Oslo with

What is there to see in Oslo? Well you can see the following:

The Vigeland park, its a park with the largest amount of statues in the world made by only one person. His name is Gustav Vigeland. It is free to enter the park and maybe therefore it is the most visited attractions in Norway. To read more about the park visit here.

The Opera house which is located right next to the ocean with different dimensions in the ground which make it a art place in itself. Visit their page to find out what’s going on right now.

I didn’t have much time to explore more of Oslo but I did visit one more place called Akershus Fortress which is a medieval castle. If you want to know more about this castle find our more here.

Old cannons protecting Akerhus Fortress

Old cannons protecting Akerhus Fortress

There are many museums in Oslo and I wished I could have visited Kon-Tiki museum but it was under renovation when we were there. I have heard it is  a nice museum, its about a boat which has been used to sail to Tigris and an Easter Island. If you are interested in that museum here is the link.

Think about this before going to Norway: Norway is expensive, it is one of the worlds most expensive country. So live simple to get by in Norway otherwise you will be broke after awhile. It is also expensive to park your car in public car parking spaces and garage places.

You can always use the Oslo Pass that give you free entrance to museums and free public transport. If you have a car you can park for free in Oslo municipal public car park with the Oslo Pass. I advice you to only focus on maximum 3 museums or attractions per day so that you will have time to enjoy the city and not rush trough all. I didn’t buy the Oslo Pass when I was there because you can enjoy free museum and attractions like the ones I have mentioned above. Here is the price list for the Oslo Pass 2014:

 Adult                                                   Child/Senior

24 hours:  290 NOK                           24 hours:  145 NOK
48 hours:  425 NOK                           48 hours:  215 NOK
72 hours:  535 NOK                           72 hours:  270 NOK

Oslo Pass

Oslo Pass

Visit the official tourist site for Oslo to see more of the museums and attractions.

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