Wayanad in Kerala during the monsoon

One of my favourite places in India is Wayanad in Kerala which is in the south of India. It is close to the border of both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

I have been here over 7 times and each time I spend a lot of time exploring places nearby. Last time I was there in June/July and that is the months of monsoon. It rains everyday, which makes everything wet and it also make it difficult to go anywhere. Although there is always something to look at anyway, like the beautiful nature. I really recommend everyone to visit Wayanad because it is one with nature compare to the polluted cities. Here is the untouched forests and huge areas for paddy fields etc.

Here are some pictures from Wayanad from my last trip:

I will update this page with more information about Wayanad and of course more pictures of Kerala which is called God’s own country. So stay tuned for more!

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