Vythiri Resort – Live close to nature

If you want to spend 1-2 nights in Wayanad in the state of Kerala (India) at a great resort then Vythiri is the place to choose. It is a award winning and eco friendly resort surrounded by the tropical rainforest. It is a lovely place for tourists and honeymooners. It is a well planned resort with Ayurveda massage for your relaxing mode. There is also a basketball court, table tennis and many more activities to choose from. You can take morning walks that last for about 1 hour. It will be a guided trek to see different kinds of animals, for example the Malabar giant squirrel.

The most astonishing part of the resort is the nature around you. When you open the balcony door your view is breathtaking. The view of waterfalls are really nice to see when you walk around in the resort. It make you feel one with the nature. I visited the resort in February few years back and it was almost fully booked. We were lucky to get a room. It is a good idea to book in advance if you want to be sure to get accommodation here.

In this resort they also have a Ayurveda spa and center. I had my first Ayurveda massage here. It was a full body massage. It was a massage not like normal massages. This is when you lay on a table and getting pored aromatic herbal Ayurveda oil all over your body and the masseuse will find the body’s vital pressure points. You also get oil dripping on your forehead which is very relaxing. Afterwards you get a warm shower to complete the massage. This massage is to re-balance your mind, body and spirit. I can describe it as having started over on a new blank page in a book. It feels like you are reborn.

The dinner buffet offers lots of varieties. Fish is the favorite here. The breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at the same multi cuisine restaurant. To come here you have to cross the bridge which is seen in many pictures.

Rates goes all from 8500 up to 20000 Indian rupees per night. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are different accommodations to choose from for example you can choose a Serenity cottage, Vythiri Habitat, Vythiri Haven, Honeymoon Villa or a pool Villa. When I was there I had the Vythiri Habitat and that was really good. You wont spend much time in the rooms anyway, since there are so many things to explore while you are there.

Vythiri Resort is located at Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad 673 576, Kerala, India.

Want to know more? Visit their hompage Vythiri.

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