Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – The paradise island

The rain dropped shaped island called Sri Lanka is one of my favorite places to visit in Asia. Sri Lanka may be a small island but it has a lot to offer especially good food, good climate, everything is near and lots of historical places. Since Sri Lanka have been a colonial country ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and the British it has effected the people and brought some western touch to the island. For example you will find nice hotel built in the blooming time of colonialism. With colonialism came Christianity and many people have Portuguese sounding surnames like Fernandez and de Silva etc.

What can you do in Sri Lanka? I would answer what cant you do in Sri Lanka, because you can do anything here. If you want to do a shopping tour you will find  lots of stores in the capital Colombo with lots of malls and fancy places to visit. It is easy to travel from one place to another because there will always be a three wheeler nearby. Colombo offers nice places to stay and the best part is it is cheap in Sri Lanka so you do not have to pack everything in your suitcase, since you will find it here as well for much better buck. The food is amazing and tasty. It is not as restricted as in India, here they eat anything. That is what I love about Sri Lanka. There are also nice beaches if you want to go for a swim or surf. Do not be surprised if you meet a Elephant on the beach that you can ride for awhile. Sri Lanka is full of surprises. I also like that most people here speak English, that is a big plus since it will make it easier to communicate.

The first set of picture is taken from Mount Lavinia hotel in Colombo. I like to come here to eat from their big buffet. There are lots to choose from and the food is delicious and the dessert area is huge. You can see one part of the dessert table then there are 2-3 more tables with different desserts. I love desserts. I can really recommend this hotel. I have never stayed here so I do not know anything about the accommodation, but just the food itself is making it a place to visit.

Majority of the Sri lankans belong to Buddhism and that you will notice because there will be a Buddha statue everywhere you go.

Galle (south of Sri Lanka):

With the new highway from Colombo to the south of Sri Lanka it will only take about 2 hour to reach Galle.

Kandy Temple

Ruins in Polonnaruwa


A rock where the royal palace used to be and was built by King Kassapa I (477–95). It is 180 meters high and is located in the middle of Sri lanka near Dumbulla. It is also in the World heritage list by UNESCO. It is the country’s most famous tourist place.

Random pictures:

I have yet to visit the national park called Yala. I have heard it is a the place to be when you want to see exotic animals like leopards etc.


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  1. This is a great blog on Sri Lanka. We first went there March 2014 for our honeymoon. It’s a beautiful country with friendly, welcoming people (Ayubowan!) We would love to go back there one day to explore more – we stayed just north of Colombo and did an excursion to Negombo bay for the fish market, and a 2 day tour to Kandy. So much to see!

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