Nordens Ark in Sweden

If you like to visit Zoo’s then I can recommend Nordens Ark (The Nordic Ark) in Sweden. The zoo is located north of Gothenbourg, which is east of Sweden.

What is so special about this place?

Here they take care of 80 endangered species. Nordens Ark is a private own non-profit foundation. They mostly have animals from the north part of the world or at least animals that live in similar climate. So if you want to see exotic animals you should look elsewhere, there are no elephants here. Here you will instead find animals like the snow leopard, wolverine, lynx and other Nordic animals etc. Although they did have some exotic animals like eremitibis and some frogs, geckos and lizards in a house.

If you ever visit this place make sure to come when they feed different animals. I was there when they were feeding the Amur tiger. It was a nice experience when they were hiding the food and then they let the Amur tigers try to find it. If you are a photographer then you can get some great pictures of the tigers in Nordens Ark.

If you want to find out more about Nordens Ark click here.

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