Copenhagen Zoo

Visiting Copenhagen? Need advice on what to visit?

Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark is one place you must visit when you are in Copenhagen. I like the zoo because they have polar bears! They are fun to watch. It is not often you get to see polar bears, so take your chance to see them.

They have built a special designed area for the polar bears and you can see them swimming under water. There is a glass tunnel where you can stand and if you are lucky the polar bears will come very close to it and you get to see the polar bears up-close.

There is something for everyone at this Zoo. It is divided into two parts. One part of the Zoo is farm animals and African animals like zebras and giraffes etc. The other part has animals from the Nordic countries, Asia and South America. It is a mix of monkeys, polar bears and tigers etc. Below you will find the map over the Zoo to get a better idea of how it looks there.

Map over Zoo


From my last visit I took theses photos.

Grrr.. a tiger upclose.

This face says it all. It can’t be fun to be trapped in a Zoo.

This monkey wanted to pose for the camera

Don’t get to close to this snake

A very suspicious frog

Amur Leopard waiting for food


The zoo is open 365 days a year from 10 am. It cost 160 DKK (Danish kronor) per adult and 95 DKK per child between 3-11 years.

To find out more about the Zoo click here.

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