What does a monkey, shark and a lemur have in common? Tropikariet!

 Tropikariet – A wellplanned indoor zoo

In the city of Helsingborg in Sweden there is a indoor zoo called Tropikariet. Whats so unique with it? It is not a big place but it is very well built. It is on 4 floors. You start off by walking into a dark room. When your eyes have adjusted to the darkness you get to see what is all around you. You are surrounded by night animals such as bats, lorins and sugar gliders etc. The bats will be flying over your head and you feel like you have to bend your head down sometimes because they come so close. I like the new approach where you are a part of the zoo. It is not like a regular zoo with only cages. The zoo is instead built so that you walk among the animals.

You get to walk very close to the lemurs as well. If you sit on the edge to their area they might come and sit next to you. They are able to walk freely among the guests that comes to visit. You can see these lemurs in the Madagascar area. In the same area you can also see the funny looking chameleon, it is one of my favorite animal to photograph.

Lovely looking birds can be seen in the indoor zoo. The birds are very curious of the guests walking by. You get to see them up close. I especially liked the shiny bird and this bird seen above.

In books it is said that there should be a red tread through out the story, something that keeps everything together. In Tropikariet they have taken this concept to a new level. They have red ants that carries big green leaves. They start picking the leaves up near the entrance on first floor, then you can follow them through some pipes until they reach their destination. It is very clever built and nothing like I have ever seen before.

On the ground floor you can see a big aquarium with exotic fishes and small “Finding Nemo” fishes like clown fishes. I especially liked the jellyfish that was in a tank with UV light so that you could see it better.

There are also lots of sharks to see and whenever they come around the corner in the aquarium it is like you can hear the shark music from the movie Jaw. In the picture above it looks like the shark is after a little fish in front of it, but rest assure it did not eat it.

As if it could not get any better, they also have a “pet the pets” area. It is not a cute bunny or some farm animal that you can pet. Tropikariet has choose a whole different approach here as well. You get to put your hand in a water tank. After just few seconds there will be 20 fishes all over your hand to suck away the dead skin. This method is used in different spa centers around the world nowadays. In Tropikariet there will be a sort of shrimp that also clean your hands. So the question is, if you are brave enough to try this?

 It cost 110 SEK/adult and 55 SEK/child between 3-12 years. So if you want to visit a cool and interactive zoo you should visit Tropikariet in Helsingborg in Sweden. Here is the link to their homepage. I can recommend this place.

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