Kullaberg – very different from the rest of Skåne

Ready for some adventure?

In the south of Sweden there is a state called Skåne in Swedish and Scania in English. In the north west of this state there is a place called Kullaberg. It is known for the rocky cliffs and mountains.

Nice scenery in Kullaberg

Nice scenery in Kullaberg

Kullaberg is a nature reserve and therefore some parts can not be visited during the time when the birds are building nests and breeding. In the yellow house on the top of one mountain you have the Naturum. It is a place where you get information about animals in the ocean and can see exhibitions about the area. Usually it will be photographs of the animals or nature in Kullaberg. They are open almost all the time from 11am-4pm.

The lighthouse on the top of the mountain can be visited if you pay 30SEK for adults and 10SEK for kids between 10-15 years old.

It is nice to be here when it is a sunset. Then if you are lucky there will be all kinds of nice colors in the sky. You can even enjoy the view over to Denmark, if you stand nearby the lighthouse.

There are also guided tours where you can get to know the nature a little bit more. They also have bird watching tours. The pictures below is from a bird watching tour.

If you want more adventures you can try rock climbing. The man in the middle picture is climbing up that mountain very easily. I might add that he did it without any help and without any ropes. If you feel that rock climbing is not your thing,  you can instead go into one of the many caves that Kullberg has to offer. There are more than 20 caves.

When you walk around Kullaberg you will discover a lot of fascinating places and see many interesting things. For example this cute Highland cattle. You will be walking among them freely, they won’t harm you so don’t worry.

Even though Kullaberg is known for hills and mountains it does have flowers as well. The flowers shown below can be found in these kind of climate and on cliffs. These flowers are called Strandtrift in Swedish and Armeria Maritima in Latin. The flowers can be found all over Kullaberg, which makes the place look even more beautiful.

Armeria maritima

Kullaberg have so much more to offer. Scuba diving can also be done nearby Kullaberg. You can go on a boat to see porpoises which kind of looks similar to Dophins but they are actually small whales. This can be done during summer.

Recommended time to visit Kullaberg is during late spring and summer. It gets pretty windy in Kullaberg so wear something warm and use comfortable shoes.

How to get to Kullaberg?

Take the yellow buses number 222 from Höganäs to Mölle then you have to walk for 5 km. There is also a free bus ride in the summer that will take you to Kullaberg. The easiest way is to travel by car.

To find out more about Kullaberg click here.

I hope you got some new ideas for your next visit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comments field below.


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