Europeade 2015 Helsingborg

Europeade in Sweden

I never heard of Europeade until it showed up in Helsingborg. For almost one whole week there were over 6000 dancers and musicians gathered to celebrate folk dance and folk music and show the joy it can bring when everyone gets together.

Swedish folk dancers called Logdansarna

As soon as I had time to spare I went down to the city to look at the dancers. It was interesting to see the different dresses and styles from various countries of Europe.

Grimace fight from a dance called Oxdansen with Rönnehälls Folkdanslag

I was also happy that the weather was sunny all the days, only little rain when there were a parade but otherwise it was sunny. Usually it can be very windy in Helsingborg since it’s right next to the ocean.

Jumping for joy – Dancers from the Czech Republic

I like to show you some pictures I took of the Europeade. I especially liked the uniqueness of the clothes the people from Greenland wore when they were singing.

The atmosphere was filled with happiness by just looking at the dancers smiling and cheering on fellow dancers when they were performing. I was not used to the loud shouting/yodeling of the Germans/Austrians when they were saying something like “Yaho ho hoo”. All the Swedes are usually very quiet, so it brought smiles on everyone’s faces each time they said that. It is fun to see and experience the different cultures of Europe. It also gives a opportunity to see folk dances from countries you might not have visited yet.

Europeade had the big final in the Helsingborg’s Arena. I was there to see it all. It was a amazing show. I really liked the end where all dancers came together and filled the whole floor and no matter which country you were from you could join in. I think that is what Europeade is all about, coming together and just enjoying dance and music. Music has no language, all can listen to it.

Europeade 2015

Europeade is a annual event. Next year it will be in another country.

If you want to see more pictures from the event click here.


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