Helsingborg Marathon

I have been the photographer for Helsingborg Marathon two years in a row. This year I took about 7000 picture in just few hours. I picked out 1500 of them and sent to the main Marathon team who will be indexing them so that the runners can just search for their number and see the pictures which they are in. I like to tell you little bit about the marathon and show you some pics from it. Maybe you will get inspired to try the marathon one day.

The first marathon was held in 2014. The initiative came from two men who liked to run and had a crazy idea, to have a Marathon in their hometown. Said and done, one year later there was a marathon and it was a success and that is the history behind the Helsingborg marathon.

The two guys are named Simon Wikstrand and Andreas Gartmyr (see picture above). Two very positive and energetic guys who can motivate volunteers and sponsors with their fun whit and charm.

I will show some pics I have taken to show how it can look on the day of the marathon. The picture in the middle is of a woman who finished the marathon, she was very happy so she was crying happy tears. The audience at the finishing line helps to cheer on and the runners runs extra fast to reach the line.

If you want to participate in the marathon it is held in September every year. The volunteers are very cheerful and helpful, many runners have complemented them for beeing the best. The people of Helsingborg comes out to cheer the runners on. It is a festive time when the marathon is in town.

The marathon is having a great variety of scenery like the city, forest, parks and remote areas. At one point of the race you get to run indoors in a arena. So it offers a big range of places that you will see and experience. If you do not think you can finish a marathon there is always the relay. It is for a team of 4 people who each runs 1 Swedish mile (10km).

I like that the people from the marathon runs the last meters with the last runner, see picture above. The marathon finish when the last runner have come. This lady in the above picture had been walking/running for almost 6 hours but never gave up. Her husband was waiting with flowers that she got before approaching the finishing line. During the whole race she had been looking down but when she crossed the finish line she finally looked up and smiled.

Anyone can join the marathon, so also pregnant women. She was fine running 10 km in the relay. She got to rest in one of the resting chairs after the finishing line. Nothing is impossible.

I like to finish off with my favorite picture from the marathon in 2015, shown below. It says it all, the happiness you get when you have managed to run a whole marathon. A dream come true.

This is the homepage for Helsingborg Marathon.


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