Posing in Pisa – a must

Pisa in Italy, what more do I have to say? Most people have heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is a tourist spot. Lots of tourists comes here to pose in front of the leaning tower. I was here in July, it was hot and it was crowded. The tower were taller then I thought it would be. The guide told me that they have tried to straighten it out on the top. If you look at the picture to the left you can see the main part is leaning to the left while the top is leaning more to the right. If you want to climb up all the stairs to reach the top of the tower it cost 18 euros. You might also visit the cathedral, but the problem is the long ques. If you only have limited time to spend in Pisa I think it is enough to just see the tower from the ground.

It was more fun to look that the people posing then the actual tower. People are very inventive with their poses. Some people really got into it just to get that perfect picture.  Like the girls in the picture above.

There are a lot of colorful houses here. It brings a color to the city and it is a great contrast to the Leaning Tower and the surrounding buildings which are all in white color.

If you want to cool of from the sun it is nice to just walk around in the city, in the small narrow alleys.

When you are in Italy you have to try lasagna. It’s from Italy so it is a must, same with pizza and pasta. There are a lot of restaurants in Pisa, I’m sure you will find something that you will like.

There are no big tourist buses in Pisa so when I was going to Pisa I took a ride in a little train like the one in the picture above. This is one way of getting into the main city. I only had about 4 hours in Pisa but I saw what I wanted to see and also had a nice walk along the Arno river.

Pisa is located in Toscany which is the west side of Italy. Toscany is in itself a beautiful area to visit. I will write more articles about places to visit in Italy. Don’t forget to push the “follow” button to get new articles.


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