Rafting in Slovakia

The beautiful landscape of Slovakia can be best seen when you are rafting. I tried rafting in the north of Slovakia, just on the border to Poland. The river is called Donajec.

It was a sunny day and the river guide on the boat was very friendly but he only spoke German. So I had to just nod my head whenever he was speaking so that he would think I understood. He liked to talk about the height of the mountains. He was a funny guy. He lend his west and hat to me once and told me to steer the boat. It was a nice experience. Although I felt it was best to let him steer the boat so we would get in trouble or get stuck.

Nice mountains

See the nice view of the mountains. It is breathtaking. You can see another rafting boat in the middle of the picture, then you will understand how big the mountains are around this lake. You will feel very tiny when you see these mountains.

Beautiful landscape

What I loved most about this trip was that it was so quiet and the river guide wanted to not rush through the river, but take it slow. Sometimes he got tired in his arms so he had to rest, then we would only be floating by the river stream and that was also a nice experience. So peaceful ride. It was really a relaxing rafting.

I recommend this rafting trip if you want to see the true nature and come away from a stressful life. I made this trip as a part of a bus journey through Poland and Slovakia and one of the adventure days we went here and I am glad I got to experience it.



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