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Rafting in Slovakia

The beautiful landscape of Slovakia can be best seen when you are rafting. I tried rafting in the north of Slovakia, just on the border to Poland. The river is called Donajec. It was a sunny day and the river guide on the boat was very friendly but he […]

Helsingborg Marathon

I have been the photographer for Helsingborg Marathon two years in a row. This year I took about 7000 picture in just few hours. I picked out 1500 of them and sent to the main Marathon team who will be indexing them so that the runners can just search for […]

Europeade 2015 Helsingborg

Europeade in Sweden I never heard of Europeade until it showed up in Helsingborg. For almost one whole week there were over 6000 dancers and musicians gathered to celebrate folk dance and folk music and show the joy it can bring when everyone gets together. As soon as I […]

Nordens Ark in Sweden

If you like to visit Zoo’s then I can recommend Nordens Ark (The Nordic Ark) in Sweden. The zoo is located north of Gothenbourg, which is east of Sweden. What is so special about this place? Here they take care of 80 endangered species. Nordens Ark is a private own non-profit foundation. […]

Legoland in Denmark

Legoland is located in a small town called Billund in Denmark. How to get here? You take a flight to Billund airport. Check out the flight routes here. From the airport there are buses that goes to Legoland. If you looking for a fun time for a day […]


Barcelona in Spain have a lot to offer. They have one of the best soccer team. Barcelona also had one of the best architect who designed many interesting looking buildings. For example have the church called Sagrada Familia been designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi, it is the […]