Do you want to book a hotel room?

These sites are good to start off with:

Start by using Trivago, it is a hotel booking site that collects most common booking sites and compares the rates. When you have found your dream hotel then you are just one click away to go to that booking site and book your room.


Some times it is best to go to the local sites for the country you want to visit. They might have better prices then the big international booking sites. The problem is that it is not that easy to find them.

If you plan to stay in Germany then and HRS might help you.

Plan to go to Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway or the Netherlands? Then sites like Hotel Specials might be a good choice.

image descriptionIn India it is good to use Make my trip to find cheap hotels.

triplogo162wOf course tripadvisor is always useful when you want to know what other people like about the hotel you like to book. So its a good idea to always check there when you want to be absolutely sure you have made the right decision.

I will add more sites later on….

If you have any more site you like to be mentioned here let me know. write a comment with your favourite booking site and why it is the best.

You can also help out by voting for the best booking site down below in the poll.

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