So you have bought your tickets and the departure day is soon, then it is a good idea to make a list on what you need to bring.

A list can be containing things you will need for everyday life like toothbrush, toothpaste and clothes etc.

Then you need to add the things you will need to be able to travel, like for example passport and travel documents (e-ticket). In some countries you need to have a VISA otherwise they wont let you travel. Check if you need a VISA in the countries embassy homepage. It can sometimes take up to 1 month to get the VISA in your passport so make sure to plan well ahead.

Do not forget to check-in online if you are taking a flight, usually you can do it 24-48 hours before your flight. It might save you some time in the airport when you only need to use the bag drop and not stand in the long cue to get your ticket at the counter. Most airlines are getting TravelSmarter day by day and making their service more user-friendly or going more towards self-service check-ins. I will get into this more in another segment.

To see an example of a useful packing list, check out the next segment called “Travel list”.

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  1. This is very good site for visitors..this gives guidelines for what to do and how to plan your tour efficiently.. Appreciate this work!!! keep it up!!

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